Humor Turns E-Mail Viral

A study by Sharpe Partners, an interactive marketing agency, revealed that 89% of adult Internet users in America share content with others via e-mail. This is excellent news for those companies who use self-propelling word-of-mouse” e-mail techniques to sell their products.

The study generated some interesting results regarding the type of content that is most often forwarded, as well. The most popular content is humorous material.

The second most popular category is news, followed by healthcare and medical information, religious and spiritual material, games, business and personal finance information and sports/hobbies in that order. So it is easy to see that humor is the best content for your viral e-mail campaign.

Cartoons, jokes and funny video clips are among the things that can be added to an e-mail to insure that it will go viral. People will want to pass along something that makes them laugh.

They are a lot more likely to hit the forward button and send your email to their friends and relatives if it is an “advertainment” rather than an advertisement.

Not along ago, about 35 million people got an e-mail containing a picture taken in Disneyland. It took a minute to see it but there was Donald Duck lying prone in front of the famous Cinderella Castle. The title of the picture was “Bird Flu has hit Disneyland”. It was a viral e-mail advertising Disneyland and used the edgy strategy of making light of what’s serious and it works.

I’d guess that most people who own a computer have seen that picture and thus the advertisement for Disneyland. The bird flu epidemic is newsworthy and has the potential to attract an enormous amount of attention to any brand that might, for whatever reason, associate itself with it.

Remember that people are much more likely to share a joke or a funny picture than anything else so you would be well advised to include humor in your e-mail campaign.

Pictures Can Be Artifacts to the Past

Do you enjoy taking pictures and collecting the photographs in scrapbooks, photo albums or online on their own special place,

Of course you do! Most people do and they love to take picture after picture of everything from a random night out with

friends, to pictures of their family and children to photos of their vacations to every corner of the globe.

Why do people love taking pictures so much, Well, look at the reasons why you like taking photos. You like to take photos

because it is a reminder of the good times and of the bad times. In essence, photos serve as your very own historical

artifact to the past and allow you to remember events that have memories that fade with the passing years.

Pictures are personal artifacts that tell the story of you. You can look at other people’s photos and never really truly

understand what they were feeling when the picture was taken. But you can easily take a picture of something and remember

your exact feelings years later.

So, do not miss an opportunity to take photos at every instance you can. You never know when that moment will be snapped

away from you, never to be seen again. Remember the faces of your children and relatives as they grow older and remember

what your parents looked like while they were young. Photographs allow you to do all of that.

Also, pass on the importance of photos to your family and friends. They will most likely already be aware of the importance

of creating photo artifacts, but you will want to make sure that they agree that taking as many photos as possible in life

is a good idea. That way, they will possibly get a picture that you were not able to get and you can share in that memory

with them.

Photo artifacts do not have to be overly mushy either. They can show the raunchy and crazy experiences you have had in your

life and serve as a reminder of the good time along with the happy and sad times.

You can tell your family story through pictures as well. Photos of births, weddings, funerals and other family events will

show a lot about the way you feel about your family members and how they felt about you at a certain point in time. That way

you can remember your crazy Aunt Ruth after she passes away.

Taking pictures is probably one of the rewarding and fun things you can do in your life. Now with different photo editing

software, you can do things to your photos that you never even thought was possible. Take your photo artifacts to the next

level and create a history of your family that can be viewed for years to come by you, your family, your children and anyone

else who would care to see the history of you and your life. Let the photos tell the whole story.

Making the Most of Dating Websites Online

Writing love letters, giving boxes of chocolates and the traditional dating process may not be dead, but they sure seem to be struggling when compared to dating websites online. Such sites have been around for a while, but they are becoming more and more popular all the time. They give you the opportunity to learn about people with a few mouse clicks. This is the face of modern dating.

However, being a member of dating sites is no guarantee that people will respond to your profile. And if that doesn’t happen, your odds of making connections is virtually non-existent. The good news is that there are some things you can do to increase your chances of success, and therefore, happiness.

Your Profile Picture

Let’s face it, most people will look at your photo before anything else. Don’t worry, you don’t have to have the features of a god or goddess to attract attention. Try to convey who you really are in your picture and smile. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and having the right picture will make all the difference. Be sure you are using a photo of you, and one that matches your personality. In effect, your profile picture is what will give visitors their first impression of you. If you can add more than one photo, stick to the same general tips, but include pics of you in different situations; having fun, working, at home, and so on. Once they like what they see, they will then move on to reading your profile.

Your Profile

This is where you will get a chance to go into more detail about who you are. There is a fine line to getting it right. You don’t want it to be too short otherwise people won’t know enough about you. It shouldn’t be too long, either, otherwise people will get bored and move on. The main rule here is to tell the truth. You can put your best foot forward, but don’t go so far that it gives people the wrong idea. The goal is to meet people you are compatible with. You want to try to arouse people’s curiosity so they take the next step of contacting you. Again, don’t lie about who you are as it’s a bad idea to enter a relationship with false pretenses.

Know What They’re After

Dating websites online give you a chance to market yourself. Not in the sense of being for sale, but in the sense of knowing your target audience. You know what you’re looking for, and you have to have some idea of what other people are looking for. There are far too many generalities to say what men or women want, but if you choose the right photos and write a compelling profile, that problem will take care if itself.

Online dating is here to stay for many years to come, so it’s a good idea to understand how to make the most of it. Follow the above tips and you will be far ahead of those who don’t know or use them.

How To Use Pictures Of Hair Styles To Find Your New Look

Most people choose their new hair style by looking at a picture of a hair style or browsing hair style photos. This can be a great way to find the perfect look, but there are some guidelines that you should keep in mind when looking at pictures of hair styles. Doing so can help you avoid hair disasters and guarantee that you come out looking like your chosen hairstyle picture.

You can find pictures of hair styles in style books and portfolios found at most salons, in fashion magazines, and in online hair style photo galleries. All of these ways can give you numerous ideas and a picture of hair style that you can carry with you to discuss your new style with your beautician. By seeing a picture of hair style, both you and your stylist can have a realistic expectation of what your new style will look like and how to achieve it.

Have you ever found the perfect hairstyle picture only to come out of the salon looking nothing like the woman in the picture, Most blame it on their stylist. While part of the blame can be put on the stylist for not pointing out your picture of hair style blunder, most often the blame lies with choosing the wrong hairstyle picture to compliment your face shape and hair texture.

A picture of hair style is a representation of what the woman in the hair style photo looks like with a particular style. You can not realistically expect to look like the picture of a hair style because you are not that woman; your hair and structure are different. But you can selectively choose your pictures of hair styles and eliminate the ones that would be disastrous for you by following a few pointers.

1.When browsing through pictures of hair styles, be sure to pay extra attention to the type and texture of hair that the lady in the hairstyle picture has. Is her hair coarse, thin, wavy, or straight, Try to find pictures of hair styles with hair types that closely resemble your own. Keep in mind that a picture of a hair style may look great with a particular model because she has thick and naturally curly hair, but the same hair style may not look so great on someone with thin, limp hair.

2.Often, pictures of hair styles are taken of models with perfect bone structures. It is very rare that you find a picture of hair style with a model trying to conceal a too-high hair line, prominent nose or under-developed chin. If you have features that you wish to highlight or diminish, pay special attention to the style in the picture of hair style. Would the style in the picture of hair style compliment your features or take away from them,

3.Use an interactive online photo gallery. You can upload your photo and use it to test how you might look with lots of different hair style photos. This is a great way to “try before you buy” to avoid expensive mistakes when you go to the salon. For a review of the best interactive online photo galleries, go to

Once you find a few hair style photos that you think are perfect for you, ask your stylist for her opinion on your chosen pictures of hair styles. He or she will be able to tell you without a doubt whether or not your selected hair style will be picture perfect for you.

Changing Your Subconscious Self-Image For Permanent Weight Loss

The most important picture you will ever change in your subconscious mind is the picture you now have of yourself right now. You will start with this image. You will start recreating your subconscious imagery by recreating your existing body picture. Before starting your imagery training, it is important that you become totally relaxed in order to focus your mind. Once you have accomplished this, you will find it is quite easy to engage all of your senses, making it possible for you to create a new body image. Once you feel you are completely relaxed, I want you to see a picture of your body in your subconscious mind. When you have your body in focus, I want you to reshape it, to exactly how you want it to look.

See your new body down to the smallest detail; make it become so real that it seems that you have already accomplished your weight goal. Once you have your new body picture completed, place yourself in a physical activity that you know you would enjoy and will be beneficial in helping you attain your new weight goal. This activity can be anything from a brisk walk to an aerobics class, to playing tennis, to completing an unfinished task. Your new body is now capable of performing any activity that you find enjoyable.

The emotional states that drive you to overeat or eat when you are not hungry are fear, guilt and anger. These emotional states are responsible for depression and low self-esteem. When creating your new self-image, you must exchange these negative emotional states for your most powerful emotional state. Love is your most powerful emotional state especially when directed to your new self-image. It is essential that you practice reproducing your new active body imagery on a daily basis. It is only through daily practice that your new body picture will become a permanent part of your subconscious, thus allowing you to reproduce this picture without a moments thought. The power of Burris MIND/FITNESS is in the ability to change programmed emotional states that do not work for you, for programmed emotional states that DO work for you.

Regardless of weather your goal is a change in diet for weight loss, an increase in your fitness program or to take control of an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia. In the end the question you need to ask yourself isAm I completely happy with the mind running itself or do I need to take control of it, If your answer is I need to take control of it, then Burris MIND/FITNESS is the answer.

The health of your body is dependent on your mental health and taking control of the subconscious is the key to lasting permanent change of any behavior.

Weight Loss, Fitness Motivation & Your Subconscious Pictures

The second component of Burris MIND/FITNESS is your subconscious pictures. I will explain how to replace your negative subconscious images into positive images through the practice of controlled visualization. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, visualizing is the fourth most frequently used form of alternative healing. You are now about to learn how to change your existing subconscious pictures that keep you anchored to your poor eating behavior.

Several studies have shown that the body makes little distinction between a vivid mental experience and an actual physical one. Your subconscious images are simply corresponding pictures of your self talk. Choosing to think in pictures may seem strange at first, but it is a powerful way to cut through the chatter in your head and a realistic source for communicating with your subconscious mind. It is surprisingly easy to develop your own weight-goal imagery. Through regular practice you will become more and more comfortable in delving into your imagination. Just think of it as creative constructive daydreaming.

Most people are not aware that there is always a corresponding picture for their thoughts or self-talk; the fact is they take place so fast you are not aware of them. If you did not use pictures, you would not be able to answer the simplest question. Think about it. If I were to ask you: “What did you have for breakfast this morning,” You immediately repeat my question to yourself which in turn triggers a picture in your subconscious mind of what you had for breakfast. It is only after you have triggered this picture that you are capable of answering my question.

You will find that your subconscious more clearly defines its pictures from questions than from statements. As an example, say to yourself body relax. You can see this has little or no effect. Now turn this statement into a question: What do I need to do to relax, The subconscious mind will now produce an active picture. For example, you might see yourself relaxing in your favorite chair or taking a warm soothing bath or possibly getting a massage. You are able to see the masseuse’s expert hands gently soothe the tension from you body. You can feel the wonderful sensation as your body begins to relax and you feel as if you are floating on air. Now I am sure you understand the power of visualization and how you can use your self-questions to bring it about.

The most important picture you will ever change in your subconscious mind is the picture you now have of your body or how you perceive your self-image. All people with a weight problem have accepted a picture of themselves as being overweight. Until you change this picture, your subconscious mind will use this existing body picture as a guideline for how you should look. This is why it is imperative that you change the image you have of yourself before you begin a weight loss program. I will talk about how to change your subconscious pictures in my next article, Changing Your Subconscious Pictures for Permanent Weight Loss.

Regardless of weather your health goal is a change in diet for weight loss, an increase in your fitness program or to take control of an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia. In the end the question you need to ask yourself isAm I completely happy with the mind running itself or do I need to take control of it, If your answer is I need to take control of it, then Burris MIND/FITNESS is the answer.

The health of your body is dependent on your mental health and taking control of the subconscious is the key to lasting permanent change of any behavior.

Exercise Pictures Can Help With Your Weight Loss

If you want to track your weight loss progress taking a series of exercise pictures is a fantastic way to do it. These pictures can help keep you motivated and just give you bragging rights after you’ve accomplished your weight loss goals.

But in order to get the most out of your pictures it’s important to note that there are some steps you should take first so they are clear and highlight the muscle tone you have achieved.

Here is a list of some things to keep in mind before you start snapping those pictures:

1. To highlight the muscles, and their tone, remove all body hair. You can shave or wax, but if you have too much hair you won’t be able to see muscle tone in a picture.

2. Take your pictures before you eat. That way you don’t make yourself look bigger because your stomach is full.

3. Rubbing your skin with oil prior to the picture will highlight your muscles.

4. Doing a little exercise before you snap the picture will get your blood pumping into your muscles which will highlight them and make them ‘bulge’.

5. Suck it in. Stand up straight and suck in your stomach. Also make sure to tense your muscles. And don’t forget to smile…this isn’t as easy as it looks, is it,

6. Have your lighting from the top, that will add shadows to your muscles and provide contrast.

7. Stay away from using a flash. Keep the light constant.

8. Take some time to practice to get the effect you are looking for.

9. Always try to take the picture at the same time of the day and make sure you are wearing the exact same thing, preferably a bathing suit that shows a lot of your body.

There you have it, some simple tips to make your exercise pictures something you can be proud of. Good pictures can really help you in your weight loss efforts. Go for it.

Where to find the best landscaping idea picture

Here is nothing that is more useful to someone trying to create a new look and feel in their yard than a good landscaping idea picture. With a landscaping idea picture you will not only get inspired you will learn so much. Yes, I said learn, you can learn a lot by looking at a landscaping idea picture. You can learn what look fab and you can learn what does not look so hot. All that from a little tiny landscaping idea picture. Don’t you think that it is time that you go out and got yourself on,

Where can you find a landscaping idea picture you ask, You can get a wonderful landscaping idea picture from many different places. Your best bet is to get as many as you can and take notes about which ideas you liked and which you really didn’t like. This way when it comes time to start work you will know exactly what you want. You can even show your landscaper the landscaping idea pictures so that he or she can see exactly what you are talking about. This kind of communication is very important because the landscaping contractor may not know what you are talking about otherwise. This way he will see it for himself.

You can get a great landscaping idea picture from the library, in fact you can get hundreds of them there. Visit your library and find the landscaping and gardening section, if you are having trouble then ask the librarian, they are there to help you. Explain that you are afer a landscaping idea picture or two and you need help. They might even have some books of that kind in a different section as well, who knows,

You can then photocopy any landscaping idea picture that you think may be of help to you. Bring a folder with you so that the landscaping idea picture will be protected and then go home and start making the things that you like in each landscaping idea picture and the things that you hate. If you do not want to write right on the landscaping idea picture then write on the back. This is good because if you were to write about the landscaping idea picture on a different page you could get things confused, this is easy to do if you are dealing with all kinds of landscaping idea pictures.

The big Picture in Body Building

When a person decides that he or she wants to get into body building as a sport, it’s important to look at the big picture before starting out. You’ll need to look at your new quest as a lifestyle change and know what you’re in for before you even start. The big picture in body building is where you will want to end up.

That means setting personal goals when it comes to your body building journey. What do you want to look like when you are at your peak, Do you have a specific person in mind that you want to emulate, Keep that picture in your mind as you are working out as motivation.

You will also want to consider what type of goals you have for yourself as a result of your body building. Are you wanting to lose weight, do you want to eventually compete, or do you just want to live healthier, Keeping that picture in your mind as well will help you become more focused and more effective while body building.

The big picture of body building also includes living a fully healthy lifestyle. That means eating right and getting the right amount of rest to make your workouts count every day. You’ll need lots of different vitamins and minerals that can work inside your body and make your muscles work harder so they are well-defined and toned.

Are you wanting to ultimately compete in body building contests, If so, the picture of body building you carry with you will be different than that of a person who is just striving to become fit. You will want to concentrate on specific muscle groups and work them to their fullest potential.

Do your research before you start body building and look at pictures of people who at their muscle building peaks. See what they look like and then keep that picture in your mind as you strive for your own personal fulfillment.

Body building is really more than a sport it is a mind, body, and soul endeavor. Keeping the big picture always at the forefront of your mind will make your body building more efficient, more effective, and will grow your body to new proportions.

The picture of body building is more than just an oily, greased up man or woman standing on a stage and flexing their muscles. Today, body building has evolved to include the picture of health and wellness as well. Those who remember that will become everything they ever dreamed of and will make that picture in their minds become a reality.

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Find yourself a great landscaping picture

If you can find yourself a wonderful landscaping picture you will be that much closer to designing your yard, just like that. This landscaping picture will give you all of the inspiration that you need to come up with the most gorgeous and eye catching ideas around. It is hard to think of all of the best landscaping ideas on your own, especially if you have never taken on a project like this before. So if you are new, do not worry, use a landscaping picture to help you come up with some fabulous ideas, in fact use a few!

Even if you choose to work with a professional landscaper for your yard you should make sure that they show you a landscaping picture. This landscaping picture should show you what they expect your home to look like once it has been completed. This is important as it will help you to choose the right landscaper for the job. The landscaping picture that they show you will tell you a lot about the landscaper. The landscaping picture will tell you how much imagination the landscaper has as well as how much work they actually plan on doing. So never, choose a landscaper until you see some kind of landscaping picture.

This is not the only landscaping picture that your landscaper should show you either. You should also ask that he show you at least one landscaping picture of a job he has completed in the past. The best landscapers usually have more than on landscaping picture, they usually have a portfolio that they will let you flip through. This is so useful because you will see exactly the kind of service you will be getting if you choose this company.

It is important to take care with all of the decisions like this. This is the entire look of your home. When people walk by your house you want them to notice it for how gorgeous and wonderful it looks, not how run down. Having a lovely garden can make all of the different so start thinking about getting in a professional landscaper today. Just make sure that you have him show you a good landscaping picture first and you will be way ahead of the game.